Facilities - Women and Internal Complaints Cell

Facilities- Women and Internal Complaints Cell

Followingthe 1997 Supreme Court Judgment in the case of Vishakha and others and as perthe directives of UGC and Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur (Chhattisgarh),the Women Cell has been constituted in our college to uphold the dignity ofwomen at work place by developing a conduciveatmosphere on the campus, where the status of woman is respected and they aretreated with .Pursuant of the Directives of “The Sexual Harassment of women at workplace(Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013, notified by the Ministry ofLaw and Justice which has come into effect from 23rd April 2013, theInternal Complaints Cell has also been  established.

Mission - 

·        Toprovide a respected identity to women and to help maintain a harmoniousatmosphere at the Institute to enable women to pursue their work with dignityand reassurance.

Objectives –

·        Tocreate awareness amongst students about the problems faced by women of allstrata due to gender issues.

·        Tocreate an environment of gender justice where men and women work together witha sense of personal security and dignity.

·        Tocreate awareness amongst students about the issues related to youth, girls inparticular.

·        Todisseminate knowledge about rights and laws related to women.

·        Tocreate a sense of responsibility in the students and have healthy study andwork culture in college.

·        Toenhance the self-esteem and self-confidence of girl students, women faculty andthe employees.

·        Todevelop critical thinking ability of students.

Women Cell – The women cell of college has been dealing with problems ofgirl students and women employees of college and has also been organizingawareness activities and workshops/ lectures for women’s welfare.

The Committee consists of members of the faculty, office staff andstudents’ representatives. The members of the committee for the currentacademic year are:

Convener –

Dr. Alka Tiwari              Contact no. 7415514000,         email id – alkatiwari18@yahoo.co.in

Members –                                                  

Dr. Qamar Talat           Contact no.  9425565387         email id – talatqamar308@yahoo.com

Dr. Baljeet Kaur           Contact no. 9479059158          emailid – baljeetk.durg@gmail.com

Dr. Laxmi Dhruv           Contact no. 9977833920           emailid – dhruwlakshmi@gmail.com

Dr. Mercy George        Contact no. 9755176751          emailid –merciegeo@gmail.com

Dr. Preeti Mehta          Contact no.  9826160691          email id – mehta.prity09@gmail.com

Mrs. Shail Tiwari           Contact no.  9425557112        email id – shailtiwari69@gmail.com

(Office staff)   

Student representatives – (GenderChampions)

Ku. Nisha  ( M.Sc.)         Contact no. 7587260690       email id –nishadeshlahre939@gmail.com

Gender Champion

Shri Gaukaran (M.Sc.)  Contact no. 7354 136338      email id –knirmalkar222@gmail.com

Internal Complaints Cell – TheCell deals with issues relating to sexual harassment at the work place. It isapplicable to all students, staff and faculty members of the college. A writtencomplaint of discrimination or sexual harassment may be lodged by the victim ora third party to the Convener of the Committee.

Convener –           Dr. Ranjana Shrivastava          Contact  no.  9479227004  

                                email id - drranjanashrivastava@gmail.com    

Members –

Dr. Shikha Agarwal    Contact no.   9827935586        email id –shikhaosh@gmail.com

Dr. Surekha Jain        Contact no.    9300770142         email id – surekhajain159@gmail.com

Dr. G.S.Thakur           Contact no.   9407607847          email id –gsthakur2009@gmail.com

Dr. Neeru Agrawal   Contact no.    9406118050          email id - neeru.bhilai@gmail.com

Smt Nandita Shukla    (External Expert)                       Contact no.   9302503153                             

Activities – The activities organized by WomenCell (2011 –2016)

·        Aworkshop on First aid

·        Paralegal Programme

·        Healthawareness programme on Cancer

·        Cancerawareness programme on the use of tobacco/ smoking

·        Awarenessprogramme on sexual harassment of women at work place

·        Aworkshop was organized on self defence of females at work place by Mrs.Pushpalata Bhatlehri ( Additional District Judge).

·        Aspecial programme was organized on 7th Mar. 2015 on the occasion ofInternational Women’s day on Women Empowerment.

·        AwarenessProgramme on “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”

·        CyberCrime awareness programme

·        Girlscommon room was renovated as per the girl’s demands and requirements.

·        BeautyParlor Course

·         Programme on Self defense

·        Selfdefense programme by Raksha team of Durg Police