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Department At A Glance

The department of commerce was established in the year 1982 with the purpose of acquiring knowledge of business or trade, nature and fluctuation in market, basis of economics, fiscal policies and industrial policies. Master degree was introduced in the year of 1986 since then the department has witnessed many benchmarks such as the introduction of autonomy in PG course in the year 199 and attaining the status of a research centre in the year 1995.Starting with few students the department has over a period of time attained the status of being the largest department in the college.


Commerce department is acknowledged as a vibrant department of the college with students proactively involved in an academics, sports and co-curricular activities. Besides classroom teaching the department actively engages students in assignments, presentation, seminars and projects to ensure their comprehensive command over the subjects. Extension activities, study tours are also an integral aspect of learning. Inter disciplinary initiatives at holistic learning are also being taken to help students develop insight into aspects beyond their subject and widen their canvass of learning.

To enhance the learning process of students department has also organized visits form eminent persons such Dr. S.S. Mishra, Director,Tata Institute of Hotel Management, Auraangabad. Dr.I,P.Tripathi, Dean faculty of Commerce,A.P.S.University,Rewa (M.P.),Dr. K.B. Agrwal,Dean Faculty of Commerce, Rani Durgawarti University,Jabalpur (M.P.),Dr.B. Tatwade,Principal & Dean faculty of Commerce, Dhanwate National College,Nagpur,Prof. Anant Deshmukh,R.T.M.University,Nagpur, Dr. S.S. Rao, Dean and Head Deparmtnent of Commerce,Andhra University,Vishakhapattnam (A.P.), Prof. Nageshwar Rao, Dean faculty of Management,Vikram University,Ujjain (M.P.),Prof.P.Mishra,Dean faculty of Management ,Barkatulla University,Bhopal(M.P.),Dr.J.P.Mishra, Prof. of Commerce,Allahabad University,Allahabad,(U.P.) Also besides regular academics, the department has been involved in organizing conferences/seminars/workshops on relevant issues.


The department of commerce being a well recognized research centre has and enriched commerce lab where its faculty members are actively involved in research as DRC members and Ph.D. guides. The prime areas of research are Applied economics, Management, Accounting and finance. The faculty members have also been making contribution towards research via Major and Minor research projects undertaken and consistent publications of research papers.


Under the guidance and support of well qualified and dedicated faculty member the departments looks forward to promoting systematic and holistic commerce education for developing skilled manpower who can and value to the economic resources of the society, strengthen trade commerce and industry and hereby the civil society. Since the Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economics among the third world countries the need for talented professionals who can contribute to the growth of the economy is ever increasing as such the department aims at preparing students to successfully blend theoretical knowledge and practical skill in business so as to prepare the youth to attain comprehensive outlooks and perspectives.

To prepare human resources those are well adapted and blend as per the requirements of the commercial world besides, promoting quality research and consultancy in the area of business studies. The department works with the mission of developing entrepreneurial abilities and skills amongst students and in the long run developing human resource that acts as a think tank for the business sector and develop business philosophers to propagate and practice social responsibility inclusive growth and sound value systems in the near future and in the long run.


To promote systematic and holisticcommerce education for developing skilled manpower, who can add value to theeconomic resources of the society, strengthen trade, commerce and industry andthere by the civil society.


To build strong manpower withnecessary business and technical skills for promoting  entrepreneurial activities and produceprofessionals to promote the best business practices.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide knowledge in different areas of Commerce Management.
  • To produce graduates with practical exposure.
  • To inculcate the element of research amongst the learners to develop their overall personality.
  • To motivate learners to participate in various academic exercises and programmes.
  • To develop communication and presentation skills of the learners.
  • To assist the learners in pursuing higher and professional studies.
  • To bring out Commerce graduates who are useful to the nation at large.
  • To enhance decision making abilities which helps the learners to become competent and face the competitive environment.
  • To provide learners with the highest possible standard of business education.

To ensure that the education and qualifications we provide enhance learners prospects of employment.