Research- Minor Project Report

SNoProject TypeNameDesignationDepartmentTitleDurationAmountDownload
1 Minor Project ReportDr. Jagjeet Kaur Saluja Asst. ProfessorPhysicsLuminescence Studies on M2MgSi2o7(M=Sr,Ca,Ba) doped Eu2+, Re3+ (RE=Dy,Tb,Tm)-- Click Here
2 Minor Project ReportDr. Mercy GeorgeAsst. ProfessorEnglishExcellence Model for Teachers in the Changing Scenario with Emphasis On Teachers of English2014-171,25000/- Click Here
3 Minor Project ReportDr. S. R. ThakurAsst. ProfessorCommerceछत्तीसगढ़ राज्य के कृषकों की आर्थिक स्थिति में नकद एवं व्यावसायिक फसलों की भूमिका एक अध्ययन (दुर्ग संभाग के विशेष सन्दर्भ में)2014-16 completed2,30,000/- Click Here
4 Minor Project ReportDr.Rachita ShrivastavaAsst. ProfessorPsychologyA study of awareness and attitude towards HIV-AIDS programs on television of tribal and non-tribal school students in Chhattisgarh.2014-16 completed2,30,000/- Click Here
5 Minor Project ReportDr.(Smt)Ashwini Mahajan ProfessorSociology“Bal Apradhiyo me Shiksha Avam Swasthaya ki sthiti Avam Samassyaein” 2 years (from 07 AUGUST 2014 to 06 AUGUST 2016) Rs. 160000/- Click Here
6 Minor Project ReportDr. Pragya KulakrniAsst. ProfessorMicrobiologyStudies on Phytoremediation of toxic heavy metals through indigenous Cyanobacterial species2015Rs. 5,00,000/- Proposed Click Here
7 Minor Project ReportDr. Pragya Kulkarni Co investigator, with Dr. Anjali OudhiaAsst. ProfessorMicrobiologyStudies on antimicrobial properties of ZnO nanoparticles prepared from biotempates2014-16Rs. 6,00,000/- Click Here
8 Minor Project ReportDr. Pragya KulkarniAsst. ProfessorMicrobiologyScreening, evaluation and invitro studies on soil fungal isolates for xylanase enzyme with reference to production and characterization2011-2013Rs. 2,00,000/- Click Here
9 Minor Project ReportDr. Suchitra SharmaAsst. ProfessorSociologyShala Tyagee Balikaon ka Samajshashtriya Adhayayan -Durg Jile ke vishesh sandarbh mein2012-14Rs. 85,000/- Click Here
10 Minor Project ReportDr Anjali Oudhia ApProfessorPhysicsBiotemplate based synthesis of ZnO Nano particles for application in water remediation2014-16Rs.4,95,000/- Click Here
11 Minor Project ReportDr. Ajai PillaiAsst. ProfessorChemistryDevelopment of sensors for monitoring antibiotics in the environment2014-2016Rs.2,10,000/- Click Here
12 Minor Project ReportDr. Nutan RathodProfessorChemistryOptical and Structural Analysis of pure and doped lead oxide thin film.2013-2015Rs.1,90,000/- Click Here
13 Minor Project ReportDr. Alka TiwariProfessorChemistryPesticides removal from aq. Solutions by adsorption onto paramagnetic Styrene based co-polymers(2014-16) ongoingRs.4,20,000/- Click Here
14 Minor Project ReportDr. Alka TiwariProfessorChemistryIron oxide encapsulated Chitosan microspheres as novel nano composite adsorbent for detoxification of water(2010-12) completedRs. 1,20,000/- Click Here