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Guest lecture

Venue : Govt. Science College Durg
Date : 19/08/2016

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This is in practice of our department to organize popular lecture related to life science for common benefit of academia of every section and for common people of society. Recently in this connection we have organized two lectures –
1.  By Dr. Lalji Singh – Bhatnagar Awardee, on Genetic Diversity of Human Population in India.
2.  By Dr. J.S. Yadav - Bhatnagar Awardee, on Biochemistry for Sustainable Development.

Guest lecture organized by the department
Topic : Special Lecture/Workshop/Seminar
Name of Expert
August lecture on “Genetics”.
August lecture on “Biochemistry for sustainable development”.
Guest lecture on “Bioinformatics”.
Guest lecture on “Cardiomyopathy”
Dr. Laljee Singh
Dr. J.S. Yadav

Mr. Dilip Gore
Dr. Varsha Wankhede
Guest lecture on “Nanotechnology”.
Guest lecture on “Biostatistics”.
Guest lecture on “Mycology: Bioindicator of Pollution”.
Guest lecture on “Prospects of Bioscience”.
Guest lecture on “Intellectual Property Rights”
Dr. Pranveer Singh
Dr. A.K.Pati
Prof. S.K. Jadhav

Dr. Prakash S Bisen
Dr. S.S. Sandhu
Guest lecture on “Molecular Biology”.
Guest lecture on “Nanotechnology”.
Guest lecture on “Technology of Mushroom Culture”.
Guest lecture on “Melatonin and Biological system of animal”.
Guest lecture on “Biostatistics : ANOVA”.
Guest Lecture on “Biostatistics”
Guest Lecture on “Endophytic Fungus”
Guest Lecture on “3D Structure of Protein”
Guest Lecture on “Stem Cell Technology”
Guest Lecture on “Clinical Trial”
Dr. Abhijeet Banerjee
Dr. S.S. Pandey
Dr. M.P. Thakur

Dr. Saumen K Maitra

Prof. Aarti Parganiha
Dr. A.K. Pati
Dr. A.K. Jha
Dr. Pranveer Singh
Prateek Duggal
Priyanka Saha
Guest lecture on “3 D Structure of Protein and its function”.
Guest Lecture on “Endophytic Fungus”
Dr. Rizwan Hasan Khan
Dr. S.S. Sandhu
Guest lecture on “Molecular Biology”.
Guest lecture on “Molecular Markers”.
Dr. Abhijeet Banerjee
Mr. Devendra Lingojwar

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