Vision and Mission

The Vision Statement of IQAC

“To inculcate Quality Culture amongst the stakeholders with a commitment to the excellence”

The Mission Statement of IQAC  
1. To groom the ability for perceptive and critical thought creativity, and innovation in its stakeholders
2.  To make the students develop the right attitude towards the studies and other pursuits in life
3.  To identify the holistic development of the student and the staff to meet the global challenges
4.  To build up excellence through the policy “think global act local”


The Internal Quality Assurance Cell was established in Govt. V.Y.T. PG Autonomous College to meet the Vision, Mission and Motto as per the NAAC guidelines, with a view to spear head the quality sustenance and enhancement initiatives of the college.Over the years IQAC of the college has served as a forum for creative and critical reflection on the institution’s academic and administrative efficacy,and is driven by a spirit of continuous improvement and outcome focused action. IQAC of the college has a system which consists of mechanism and procedures developed cooperatively and fine tuned for ensuring quality and probity of the institution. The college was re accredited by NAAC with A grade (3.1 GPA).Presently Dr. Jagjeet Kaur Saluja is the coordinator of IQAC. The team consists of 18 members representing the teaching and non-teaching faculty,representatives of the management, alumni, students and industrialist and community representatives nominated for two years. The external experts are also invited by the IQAC to contribute to the effective functioning of the college.

The cell convenes regular meetings of heads of the departments and various committees to ensure the proper functioning of the system. Annual planning and review meetings, discussions and Seminar/ Workshops etc. are regularly organized by the IQAC.  

The college being a lead institution of the District also caters other colleges that comeunder its jurisdiction for assurance and sustenance of quality education through “Quality Circle”.


1. Dr.R.N. Singh
Principal /Patron
2. Dr. Jagjeet Kaur Saluja
3. Dr. Ku.Padmavati
Academic Member
4. Dr. K. Padmavati
Academic Member
5. Dr. Ranjana Sharma
Academic Member
6. Dr. Pragya Kulkarni
Academic Member
6. Dr. Prashant Shrivastava
Academic Member
Dr. Tarlochan Kaur Sandhu
Academic Member
Dr. S.K.Chatterji
Principal, External Expert
Dr. Deep Sikha  Viz
Asstt. Prof., External Expert
Sri Radhelal  Yadav
Head Clerk, Member
Sri Madhusudan Gupta
Member, Industrial Representative
Dr. Amrita Kasture
Alumni Member
Sri Anil Ballewar
Alumni Member
Sri Santosh Paranjape
Community Representative
Sri Sunil  Tiwari
Member, Parent
Sri Dushyant Sahu
President ( Student Union), Boys Representative
Ku.Amrita Rai
Secretary ( Student Union), Girls Representative
Ku. Swati Banchor
Merit Holder, student Representative
Sri Pramod Kumar Soye
Student, Sports Member
Sri Ratnakar Upadhyay
Student, NCC Member


1.  Evaluation of mechanism and procedures for ensuring timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic, extra-academic activities and research activities which is done with help of different departments through their academic calendars.
2.  Monitoring of afore-mentioned activities through regular meetings with departmental heads and other stakeholders.
3.  The credibility of evaluation procedures which is done by an independent autonomous examination cell.
Implementation of feedback mechanism for both students and parents with a view to fulfill the objectives  of the IQAC.  


1.  Developing and applying benchmarks/parameters of quality for various academic and administrative activities of the institution which is       done by SWOT analysis and departmental review meetings 

2. Monitoring the syllabi of different subjects; examination reforms and the performance of the students in examinations with the help of           Autonomous examination cell

3.  Encouraging the departmental as well as various committees to hold curricular and extracurricular programmes for the overall             development of students

4.  Organizing inter and intra-institutional programmes on quality related themes through “Quality Circle”

5.  Providing extension services to other institutions regarding NAAC accreditation and other quality related parameters

6.  Documentation of the various programmes/activities leading to quality improvement

7.  Analysis of feedback received from students, parents and alumni on quality related institutional processes

8.  Dissemination of information to faculty, students and staff through SMS alerts, web-site and notice boards

9.  Publication of news letter of IQAC

Activities Calendar

Session 2015-16

S. No.
Tentative Schedule
Quality Circle meeting
Feedback analysis
Result analysis
Preparation and Submission of AQAR
 IQAC meeting of the session: Review and Plans
Induction programme for fresher
Orientation programme for newly appointed teachers
Lectures on research methodologies
Teachers day celebration (Departmental level)
Inter College Debate
Review Meeting IQAC
IQAC meeting of the session: Review and Follow ups
Study tour/ Educational trip (Departmental level)
Alumni meet and  Feedback Collection
Lectures on Environmental awareness
Work shop on Value Education
Parents meet (Departmental level) and Feedback Collection
Remedial classes (UG)
December - January
Review Meeting IQAC
Second Quality circle meeting
National seminar
Departmental Academic audit
AQAR submission by departments
IQAC  meeting  Review, analysis and future plans
Finalization of Annual Report of Academic Appraisal (Academic Audit)

Activity report

1. Quality circle meeting
2. Preparation of NHEQF
3. RUSA Workshops
4. Induction programme for fresher
5. Intercollegiate Debate
6. Special classes on environmental studies
7. Extension activity
8. Best Practices

  • A. Students Feedback
    Goal: To spot out the areas where the improvement is required 
    To satisfy this goal, the institution developed its own system of inviting feedback from the students on various aspects of the college. It definitely serves an important role in the betterment of the institution.

  • B. Parent–Teacher Association
    Goal:  To establish a linkage between the society and the institution.
    The college wants to get feedback from the parents of the students about the functioning of the institution and how to improve the academic process. The feedback received from the parents has been invaluable in framing departmental as well as college plans.

  • C. Internal Academic Audit
    Goal: To assess and evaluate the departments
    The college developed a strategic planning for quality enhancement if academic performances of the departments as well as different cells and committees running parallel in the college. An Audit format was distributed and an annual report presentation was given by heads and conveners. Analysis report was compiled and suggestions were communicated to concern departments and cells.

  • IQAC Monitoring /Evaluation of the Teaching & Learning processes during the session 2014-15
    For faculty members
    1.  Conducted academic audit of all the departments and various cells formed by the Principal
    2.  Organized meetings with HODs of different Departments for suggestions of improvement in teaching, Learning process
    3.  Encouraged the faculty members to use modern techniques of teaching using ICT
    4.  Prepared an Academic calendar to ensure the examination schedule, teaching days, extracurricular & co-curricular activities            during the year
    5.  Carried out evaluation of faculties by students with the help of feedback
     For Students –
    1.  Monitored the progress of students through Unit tests, Assignments, Seminars, Group discussions, Quarterly , Six monthly and      Model Test examinations
    2.  Provided facility of language Lab to improve the communication skill
    3.  Organized Parents meeting at UG (Arts/Science/Commerce) and PG (Departments) levels and get suggestions through      feedback

  • Initiatives of the IQAC in Sensitizing/Promoting Research Climate in the institution
    1.  Provided the facility of “Central Instrumentation Lab” with added instruments
    2.  During this academic year 29 research scholars have obtained their Ph. D.
    3.  Planning to publish “Research journal” from next academic session
    4.  Three Major  research project proposals have been sanctioned by UGC to the faculty members
    5.  Five Minor research projects are on the verge of completion
    6.  Four proposals for Major research projects have been sent to UGC

  • Significant Activities, Contributions and Achievements of IQAC
    1. Conducted Induction programme for first year students
    2. Organized One day workshop for guest faculty members
    3. Organized Inter-collegiate debate competition
    4. Prepared National Higher Educational Qualification Framework under the direction of MHRD and UGC New Delhi.
    5. Organized Five District level Workshops under RUSA
    6.  Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
    7. Capacity Building
    8. Choice Based Credit system, Compilation of data and Preparation of Report
    9. Role of media in up-gradation of Quality in Higher education
    10.Preparation of Road Map of Higher education of Durg District
    11.Conducted Special classes of Environmental Studies for First year students of all faculties
    12.Conducted Academic Audit
    13.Published Newsletter entitled “College samachar” in March 2015
     Distributed Academic Audit report to the departments

  • Innovative processes adopted by the institution in Teaching and Learning
    1. Motivated interdisciplinary academic activities
    2.  Arranged Educational trips/Excursions/Industry visits
    3.  Projected educational video films related to different disciplines in the Audio Visual hall
    4.  Enhanced use of ICT in teaching Learning process

IQAC report






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AQAR 2017-18

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AQAR 2016-17

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AQAR 2016-2017

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Details Of IQAC Recommendations & Its Implementation

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AQAR 2015-2016

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AQAR 2014-2015

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AQAR 2013-2014

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AQAR 2012-2013

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AQAR 2011-2012

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AQAR 2010-2011

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IQAC Recommendations

Recommendation by IQAC
Implementation done
1.  Project based learning
v  Project has been made compulsory in PG IV semester classes in all disciplines.
2.  More self financing, courses should be started.
v  Bachelor of Library & Information Science, (B.Lib. ISc) and Master of Library & Information Science (M.Lib. ISc) are started.
3.  To extend the reach of placement services.
v  During the last five years 25 campus interviews have been organized & good number of students are selected.
4.  Coaching for NET/SLET/PSC and other competitive examination to be provided to students.
v  Special coaching classes for competitive exams were organized regularly for students.
5.  Computerization of administration at all level .
v  Salary preparation, student fees collection, online admission, Process of declaration of results are computerized.
6.  Purchase of more equipments in UG/PG/ Research level.
v  During last five years more than 85 Lakhs has been utilized for purchase of equipments. (From UGC XIth and XII plan grant, CPE grant, Additional grant)
7.  Construction and renovation of toilet facilities for girls and Boys.
v  New 25 toilets are constructed & renovated for Boys and 10 toilets for girls.
8.  More Seminars/ Workshops to be organized by various departments.
v  During last 5 years 17 seminars/workshops/conference of National/International level were organized in the college.
9.  More guest lectures of prominent persons to be organized
v  157 invited guest lectures have been organized by different departments during the last 5 years in the College.
10.  Submission of more number of research projects by faculty members/ research scholars to various funding agencies.
v  Total 15 major and 45 minor research proposal has been sent to funding agencies. Out of these 60 proposals 11 major research projects and 27 minor research projects were sanctioned to faculty members/research scholars of our college.
11.  Extension of social welfare activities.
v  During last five years. 213 social welfare activities like Blood Donation Camp, Environmental awareness camp, SWEEP Plan, AIDS awareness programme, Sickle Cell awareness programme, Cashless Banking Programme, Cleanliness drive have been organized by various departments.
12. Consolidate students feedback system
v  Students feedback system have been strengthened and after feedback analysis decisions have been implemented.
13. More programs to be organized by women cell
v  Fourteen seminars/workshops and other activities based on safety, health issues, legal advice, entrepreneurship were organized by women cell in last 5 years.
14. More programs to be organized for SC/ST/OBC category students.
v  Remedial coaching classes, scholarship SC/ST/OBC students, and” Equal opportunity cell” has been established in the college.
15. More number of interdisciplinary programmes to be organized
v  following interdisciplinary programmes were conducted –
(1)  International seminar was organized jointly by Physics & Chemistry Deptt.
(2)  Extension activity in near by village “Thanoud” was organized jointly by deptt. of Sociology & Biotechnology.
(3)  Joint Minor research project is under going by department of Physics & Microbiology.
16. More number of field excursions/study tours should be organized
v  During last five years 49 study tours/ excursion/industrial visit  were organized by various UG and PG departments.
17. A small informative magazine type “News letter” should be published.
v  News letter of the college named as “College Samachar” is published six monthly.
18. More Academic programs related to mathematics should be organized for the benefit of students.
v  During the last 5 years each year “Mathematics Olympiad” and Madhav Mathematics competitions” were organized for the students by Mathematics deptt.
19. Programms for the uplifting of school students (secondary level) should be organized.
v  Five days “INSIPRE AUTUMN CAMP” Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi was organized in Oct. 2016.  
200 student of class 10th from different parts of Chhatisgrah participated in this programme.
20. “Yoga and stress Management” activities should be organized for faculty, staff and students.
v  “Yoga workshop” and various activities related to stress management were organized time to time.
21 Enhance interdisciplinary workshops for students should be encouraged.
v  During last five years more than 25 Enhance interdisciplinary workshops in PG departments have been organized.
22 Adopt nearby school and upgrade their students.
v  Nearby school named as Govt. H.S. School Deepak Nagar Durg was adopted. Our college provides facility of theoretical and practical training by experienced Professors to these school students. Besides that, college also conducted separate practical classes for other higher secondary students also.
23. Establishment of IQAC Room with proper infrastructural facilities.
v  A new IQAC Room have been renovated with PPT presentation facilities and audio visual facilities for small meetings.
24. To Purchase more furniture for class rooms
v  Approximately 500 students chairs & students table  were purchased from Central Jail Durg for different class rooms.
25. More seminars and workshops should be organized for students to develop leadership qualities, better communication skills and confidence building.
v  During last five years various workshops for personality development and communication skills have been organized by Training and Placement cell and PG departments.

26. Motivate faculty members for good quality research papers in referred journals of National/International repute with impact factor. 
v  Faculty members and research scholars of our college have published 536 research papers in peer reviewed journals with impact factors during last 5 years.
27. Celebrations to mark the occasions of National and Social importance should be organized.
v  In our college Teachers Day, Ozone day, World Environment Day, Science Day, National Youth Day, International Women’s Day has been organized.
28. Green calendar, academic calendar, should be prepared.
v  As per the Green Calendar and Academic Calendars, various activities have been organized.
29. “Green Audit” Energy Audit” and “Gender Audit” of the college should be done.
v  In last 2 years “Green Audit has been done by Botany Deptt, “Energy Audit” by Physics Deptt and “Gender Audit” was done by Women’s Cell.
30. CCTV cameras and other security systems should be placed in prominent places in college campus.
v  CCTV cameras are installed in almost all the important places in College campus and Autonomous Examination Cell.
31. Examination results and other important information’s should be communicated to students through college official website, SMS alert system etc.
v  College examination results are available on college website instantly. Similarly SMS alert System have also been implemented for students and faculty members. 
32. Academic Audit of all the departments should be done in every year.
v  Under the supervision of IQAC, Academic audit of each deptt is done every year.
33. Develop more linkages and sign MOUS with leading institutions.
v  During the last 5 years 6 MOUS have been signed by Deptt. of Biotech, Microbiology and Physics.
34. Induction Programme for first year students should be conducted regularly in every year at the beginning of the session.
v  Induction programme for newly admitted students were organized each year from 2011-12 to 2015-16
35. Tutor Ward System (PTSA) should be Implemented in the college.
v  PTSA System have been adopted in the college systematically. Approximately 40 students have been allotted to each Mentor/ Teacher.
36. College premises should be WIFI campus
v  Free WIFI internet facility is available in college premises for all students, teachers and other employees.
37. Parent and Alumni meeting should be organized regularly each year.
v  Parents and Alumni meeting were conducted every year within stipulated time.
38. Quality Circle of all colleges of Durg District should be formed, so that the thoughts can be exchanged among all the colleges regarding quality Enhancement.
v  Durg District Quality Circle has been formed and their meeting were conducted twice in a year. About 53 Colleges of Durg district participated in quality circle meeting.
39. Workshop for newly appointed faculty/Guest teachers should be organized each year in the beginning of the session.
v  One day workshop for newly appointed teachers and Guest teachers were organized by IQAC in every year.

40. More proposals should be prepared for constitution of Girls Hostel, Indoor sports complex, extra class rooms, new labs, installation of generators for grants to be submitted to UGC, RUSA, DST, CCOST etc.
v  IQAC prepared several proposals and submitted to various funding agencies like UGC, DST, RUSA, CCOST etc. The proposals are mainly based on Girls Hostel construction, Indoor Sports Complex, extra class rooms, New labs and Installation of generators. UGC, RUSA have sanctioned proposals of Girls Hostel construction, Indoor Sports Complex, extra class rooms.

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