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                                     Established in the year 2009, the department of Psychology is run as an Undergraduate Program in the college. With prime focus on Mind and Behaviour related aspects, the department is one of the few subjects in the Art stream with scientific study and practical’s as part of the curriculum. It bridges the gap between Science and Art streams.

Vision: The department realises the lack of awareness and understanding of the relevance of Psychology both as a theoretical and applied branch amongst students specifically those belonging to weaker socio economic backgrounds in smaller towns. With such perspectives in mind, the department envisions spreading awareness and understanding of the crucial impact of psychological issues on man, his relations and interactions as well as society at large. As such the department intends striving towards bringing Psychology into the mainstream of discussions, debates and interactions. 

Mission: In accordance with its vision, the department is dedicated towards motivating students to explore the world of the Mind and the challenges associated with it. The department is consistently engaged in helping students develop insight and creative outlooks towards psychological aspects beyond syllabus. Faculty members constantly strive to prepare students to look beyond and broaden their perceptions and cognitive abilities. The department endeavours to inculcate a culture of psychological perspectives amongst the youth and foster batches of psychology friendly students who would contribute in the long run towards a healthy, sensitive, and insightful society and nation in the long run.
     Contemporary times are witnessing ever increasing intra and interpersonal conflicts, environmental challenges which have immense impact on students, their outlooks and impact on society at large which have inspired the department to look beyond academic endeavours towards  building  systems that can contribute towards society in the long run as such the department in association with the Department of Sociology has initiated and established a “Guidance and counselling cell” for the students in the year 2015 to help them deal with issues concerning their daily problems which may lead to anxiety, depression, stress or in extreme cases suicidal tendencies amongst them. The cell has been striving towards providing students an outlet and an opportunity to talk, discuss and develop insight into their problems besides building confidence in their ability to deal with them.
           The department looks forward to the coming sessions with targets of increasing student’s qualitative and quantitative strength besides making all feasible attempts to lay the foundation of a post graduate department.