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Departmental Research committee


In November 2002, a new chapter began when the department became the authorized research centre of Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur. Since its inception the centre is known for its high standards of research with a strong commitment to excellence in research.

The centre aims at carrying out research both in traditional and current areas of English studies. In addition to core English literature and American literature components, it encourages work in new literatures in English, Indian Writing in English, African- American Literature and Colonial and Post colonial Studies.

The faculty of the department is also engaged in research projects funded by U.G.C. Two minor projects have been submitted by Dr. Somali Gupta and Dr. Suchitra Gupta on the topics "Development of Oral Communication Skills for the Backward Students of Chhattisgarh" and "Pre- Independence Fiction Writing in English" respectively. One minor research project by Dr. Mercy George on the topic "Excellence Model for Teachers in the Changing Scenario with Particular Reference to Teachers of English" was also submitted in the year 2016.

The Departmental Research Committee was formed in the year 2011 with the Principal of the college as its Chairman and the Head, department of Hindi as the coordinator of arts faculty. The committee has two departmental members.

Dr.Qamar Talat (member)

Dr.Mercy George (member)

Ph. D. Coursework for research scholars is also undertaken by the Departmental Research Committee. Apart from easy access to the Central library and to extensive collection of primary research material, the research scholars are provided with a comfortable space to carry on their research. To enhance the research culture among the researchers, research seminars are organized and their participation is encouraged. In the last few years 17 doctoral degrees have been awarded. The faculty and the research scholars have published research papers in various national and international journals in the last five years.