Department at a Glance

Established in the year 1958, the Department of English has been identified as"Star Department" under UGC-CPE Scheme. It comprises eight permanent professors and offers courses at U.G., P.G. and Ph.D. levels. It has an illustrious history with regard to eminent academia-- Dr. Siddique, Dr. A.Q.Khan, Dr. S.B.K. Murthy, Dr. B. Saxena, Dr. Chandani, Dr. S.C. Sharma and Dr G.P. Dubey, who contributed a lot to enrich its academic life.

The department envisions to make its students proficient in English language.It aspires to sensitize the students towards literature keeping pace with new trends in language and literature.

The Department works with the mission of giving its students a firm foundation of English language. Our mission is also to inculcate literary sense, aesthetic sensibility, humanistic understanding and cross-cultural literary insight in a conducive and naturalistic environment. The ultimate focus is to cultivate critical thinking leading to creativity and innovation.

In its quest of realizing its vision and mission, the department organizes workshops, interdisciplinary extension and in-house activities. Eminent academicians are invited in an effort to not only enrich aesthetic sensibility but also to expose the students to the emerging trends in the field of literature and language. Personalities like Jayant Mahapatra, the renowned poet, Dr. Ashok Thorat, Dr R .K. Dhawan ,Dr A. N. Dwivedi, Dr K. G. Shrivastava, Dr S.B.Shrivastava, Dr Sudipta Sarkar , Dr M.C. Saxena , to name a few , have visited the department in the past few years.  

With a view to give diversified understanding and vision of literature, the department offers courses in History of English Literature, Renaissance,Romantic, Victorian and Modernist studies, American literature, Indian writing in English, Indian Aesthetics and Criticism, Colonial and Post Colonial studies. Courses in Linguistics and Phonetics are also offered to introduce the students to the finer aspect of language learning. 

With the purpose of imparting proficiency in English language, the department organizes remedial classes for both UG and PG students.Very often student shaving little or no background of English literature opt for Masters in English literature. To bring them at par with students having background of English Literature, Orientation Programme is organized by the Department in the beginning of the session. As a research centre the department is known for high standards of research. The research areas gather to gather all the threads that makeup the fabric of English literature and language. 

In terms of infrastructure and resources the Department has a Language Lab, setup under CPE scheme of UGC. It is well equipped with ICT facilities, high quality software and books, CDs and DVDs along with other basic amenities.