Department At A Glance

The Department of Microbiology is a unique department of Govt. V.Y.T.P.G. Autonomous College where multidisciplinary teaching and research have established permanent roots. The dept is running under self-financing scheme since 2002 for UG classes and since 2005 for PG classes. It strives to set a benchmark in quality higher education with an emphasis on preparing the students to face the world outside in a dignified manner. Considering recent innovations and rapid growth of microbiological approaches an applications in human and environmental sustainability, the postgraduate curricular is designed to promote all round development of students by inculcating a spirit of inquest, discipline and adventure through various academic and co-curricular activities.

The department has sufficient infrastructural facilities in terms of two well equipped laboratories and classrooms for PG, which can take care of 40 PG students, one central instrument room for the Ph. D scholars and one UG laboratory. The research laboratory houses apart from regular and routine microbiological equipment variety and advanced instrument like column chromatography, electrophoresis facilities, fementers, high speed refrigerated centrifuge, shaking incubator, laminar air flow stations, deep fridge and BOD incubators. The department is also equipped with e-classroom.

Research project supported by the department has undertaken minor research projects supported by funding agencies like UGC & CGCOST. Several research papers have been published in various national and international journals apart from presentations in local and outstation institutes. Apart from the syllabus, the department organizes guest lectures, workshops, seminars, group discussions, quiz programme, project work, industry visit, poster presentation etc. to install scientific temper and technical skills among students. Rahul Kumar student of Batch 2013-14 has been awarded INSPIRE Scholarship; a DST funded scholarship is undertaking cutting edge research on contemporary issues. Students go to various reputed research institutions to undertake project work for partial fulfillment of their PG course. The department has also signed an MOU with Dept. of Microbiology, Govt. ERR college of Science, Bilaspur (CG), to undertake Project work.

Students are directed for R&D activities related to their courses.  Extension camp and social awareness campaigns are regularly arranged in the department. VA Mycorrhizal, Rhizobium and Cyanobacteria based bio fertilizer formulations are being in progress in the department.

Over the years the department has established itself as a centre of higher learning promoting teaching and research.


To get the students familiar with the important inhabitants of earth “the microbes” and their activities central to human welfare.


1.  Provide a sound academic background  for an overall development of personality for a successful career in Microbiology 

2.  Provide an environment which fosters continuous improvement and innovation in the subject

3.  Inculcate in students the right skills oriented towards self development,  community orientation  and civic responsibilities in their      outlook 

3.  Develop an orientation towards the national and global needs as responsible citizen