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Political Science

Department at a Glance

Department at a Glance

The Department of Political Science was established in October 1958. Since its inception, the department has made notable progress in teaching, learning and research  work. Post Graduate classes were established in 1982 and the department has become a research center of the parent university for Ph.D. scholars in 2001 . Since then teachers and department heads have worked hard to make the political science department more capable and developed as a knowledge resource. Department has worked at its level best  to impart More and more knowledge to the students through various programs, workshops, and seminars.


The department of political science has a vision to shape the political science teaching in a foundational manner to provide comprehensive knowledge. Department is committed to cater a wide range of students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and to foster good research.


The Department of Political Science is dedicated to making available the knowledge resources of  political science for students and society .

Department strives to inculcate excellence in teaching, research and extension.

Core Values

  • Rationality
  • Critical thinking
  • Scientific approach
  • Empirical research . 
  • Coexistence and power sharing
  • Values established by preamble of the Indian Constitution . 
  • Values generated by  political philosophers and political scientists. 
  • Application of  the knowledge of Political Science to serve society as a whole.


To undertake teaching, research and extension programs in major branches of Political Science.

To impart training to the students in order to equip them in academic and professional capability & develop among them analytical perspective.

To encourage research in socio-political issues and contribute to the discipline of Political Science.

To Undertake extension activities in order to create  free, just and humane society.